Goodwill Finds

I’d say that pretty much my entire family is addicted to goodwill. We probably go once or twice a week. Sometimes there is nothing good there and it is all junk. But once in a while you find some serious deals. Especially when it is 50% off day. Jordan and I’s house is probably half goodwill and so is my mom’s. She finds anything and everything there and makes it a beautiful piece in her home. I don’t think Jordan and I have ever paid full price for something at a furniture store for anything since we have been married. In fact, I don’t think we have really ever been in a furniture store. When we got married, we were blessed to have lots of family members that gave us their furniture that they no longer needed. Which was a huge blessing, since we didn’t need to purchase anything starting out. Any furniture that Jordan and I have had to buy in the 2 1/2 years that we have been married, has usually been purchased at goodwill, garage sales, or off of a fb swip swap site. I really feel like this has helped us save some serious money over the years.

Usually, Jordan and I fix up a lot of our furniture by using chalk paint. Chalk paint can make a world of a difference and can completely change the look of a piece of furniture. Jordan and I have this family room that is right off the kitchen that we have been wanting to put a little chair in. There is this perfect little corner for a chair right by the fireplace.

My mom found this chair the other day at goodwill and sent me a picture saying it was only 6$. So of course, I told her we would take it and fix it up to put in our family room.

I bought some chalk paint at Michael’s with my 50% off coupon, so it came out to be only 4$ for paint. Originally, I was going to paint the chair with grey chalk paint but felt I had to much grey already in my house. We painted our kitchen cabinets with grey chalk paint a few months ago and the kitchen is right by the family room, so I decided to paint the chair white instead to help brighten up the room more. Before painting, I made sure to tape off the areas that I didn’t want to get paint on. I painted on two coats of white chalk paint, which only took me a couple hours. That seems like kind of a long time just to paint a chair, but this chair had lots of little nooks and crannys that were hard to get to. After painting, I let the chair completely dry for a couple hours and then we moved it into the family room. I love the yellow fabric on the chair and feel it ties in perfectly with all the other yellow accents in the room. I now call it my yellow room!

 With chalk paint the possibilities are endless and you can literally turn junky, outdated furniture into something really beautiful and practical. Okay I am getting off my soap box now.

This picture totally describes My mom and I perfectly:

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Our kitchen remodel

Jordan and I purchased our first home back in June and have been fixing it up here and there ever since then. There are lots of things that we love about our new little home but there was also a few things we wanted to change. The kitchen being one of them. The kitchen had outdated cabinets and the laminate on the countertops was starting to peel. At first we weren’t sure if we could afford a kitchen remodel since we had just plopped down lots of moola for our down payment. After looking and shopping around. A LOT of shopping around. We decided to bite the bullet and go for it. We are so glad we did! Family and friends have been asking us how the renovation was going so I figured I would share it on here! We spent around $150 in paint for the cabinets, 2,000 for granite, and around $300 for the lighting. We felt like this was the cheapest option and did all the labor oursleves (except the granite) to keep the cost down. Here is the before pictures:

My mom and I painted the cabinets with Annie Sloan chalk paint. I originally wanted to do grey cabinets. At the store, they recommended I mixed graphite and French linen Annie Sloan paint together to get a medium grey look. After giving the cabinets two coats and going over them with soft wax it came out looking grayish blue. Which I was not expecting, but I’m really happy with it. We also spray-painted the old kitchen knobs black instead of purchasing new hardware.

After painting the cabinets, Jordan and I shopped around for granite. We finally decided on a granite at Home Depot. And it just so happened to be on sale! It turned out matching the cabinets really well.

As you can see in the before picture, there was a fan in our kitchen and lights coming down making the kitchen kinda feel like a dungeon. Jordan tore down the fan and took out the old lighting fixture. We purchased Led can lights and feel It has made such a huge difference and opens the room up.

We love our new kitchen and feel like it fits our personal style. In my mind this wasn’t the kitchen I had pinned pictured but thankfully everything all came together and exceeded my expectations. It was a lot of work and there were days I worried it wouldn’t be worth all the time, money, and energy spent. But it was and we couldn’t be happier!


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Chalk painting

One of my favorite things to do is chalk paint. I love seeing before and after pictures of things chalk painted. Seeing the finished product makes all those hours painting worth it. My mom is the one who first introduced me to chalk paint. She is amazing at it and has created so many beautiful pieces! Since Jordan I just purchased our first house we have found a lot of things on the side of the road or secondhand that we fixed up with chalk paint. They are now some of our favorite pieces in our house. Thanks to the help of my mom, Jordan and I also recently painted the cabinets in our kitchen with chalk paint. Below are a couple of projects that we have done with chalk paint. I plan to show our kitchen cabinets in another post that is more detailed!

 Jordan and I found this cute table at goodwill for around 40$. First, we sanded it down with an electric sander to give it a smooth surface and stained the top. We then chalk painted it. Although this table is pretty basic, it has become our everyday table.

 Jordan and I picked up this old dresser on the side of the road. ⇑ At first we weren’t sure if we could salvage it, it was pretty beat up. But we are pretty happy with the result. First, Jordan sanded it down and then we painted it in Americana decor chalk paint in the color delicate and then we waxed it with Annie Sloans soft wax. This project only cost us about $15 and that was only for the paint(we used a coupon) and wax.
 My mom found this piece above for us at Goodwill for around $25. I wanted a piece of furniture that had a bright pop of color and that would be the focal point of our living room. So we decided to paint it with americana decor chalk paint in the color legacy and then dark waxed it. This project was fairly easy and only took us a couple hours on a Sunday afternoon. It is easily my favorite piece in the house. Here is the finished result: