Labor day weekend!

You know it was a good 3 day weekend when Monday night rolls around and you feel rested, relaxed, and ready to take on the rest of the week. And that’s exactly how Jordan and I felt, it was the perfect weekend. We didn’t have to much planned and even enjoyed a relaxing day up north with family. These are the times that I want to look back and remember. Carson has been a lot of fun lately and is constantly making us laugh. It was a great weekend spent with family and friends. We also were able to get some projects done around the house that we have been wanting to do for a while now.

On Saturday, i woke up bright and early to get in 10 miles before it got too hot. Saturdays are usually my longer run days and I have been really enjoying it. Having a couple hours of peace and quiet is therapeutic for me! After my run, I came home and made some protein waffles and got cleaned up. Our whole family decided last minute to take a trip up north to Prescott so we quickly loaded up the car and were on our way!





We Spent some time by the lake and Roxy decided it was a good idea to go swimming and chase the ducks!




duncan pic.jpg

The Whole gang with Katy the selfie taker :)

We had a great time up north even though it was just for a few hours!

On Sunday morning, we went to church and then decided to do some projects around the house. One thing that we have been wanting to do for a while now is fix our front door. We had a ugly security door on the front and I’m not sure why it has taken us this long to take it down and paint our front door, but that is what we did and it turned out even better than i thought!


After working on the house all day, we were wiped and decided to grab a quick dinner at the habit and called it a night!


Monday we pretty much did nothing. Which was perfectly ok with us. We went to the gym in the morning, did a little cleaning, and did some baking of course! I made some Healthy peanut butter cookies that I plan on sharing here soon. All in all, it was a great weekend and feel so full of thanks going into the week ahead. Now that labor day has come and gone, we are so ready for fall and all the exciting things that come with this season!

Carson’s first snow day!

We went up to flagstaff last weekend to visit Jordan’s brother and to also play in the snow. It was Carson’s first time ever, so it was a fun experience! He didn’t care for the snow to much, but he did enjoy looking around. Flagstaff is basically a “college town” but has the cutest little shops, coffee houses, and awesome cafes! It is always so beautiful up there and makes me want to move every time we go! We had a great time and always look forward to our next trip up the mountain!

But first, coffee!



Pumpkin Patch Fun

Jordan and I decided to take Carson to the Pioneer Village Pumpkin Patch this past weekend. Besides the fact that it was almost 100 degrees out, we had a lot of fun and Carson really enjoyed looking around. I can’t wait till he gets a little older and can enjoy all the things that they had to offer a little more. They had jump houses, face painting, hay rides, a hay maze, pumpkin painting, and a gun/magic show! I think Carson’s favorite thing was watching the goats at the petting zoo and picking out a pumpkin. He thought the goats were hilarious, and every time they would make a noise he would start laughing! So cute! Overall, it was a great time and we were exhausted afterwards!



They had an adult sack race there, so I practically begged Jordan to do it . Of course, he won and scored us a free entree to rubios and a gift card to the coffee bean! I knew he was good for something! ;)

   Afterwards, we were so exhausted, so we picked up some lunch and then I’m pretty sure we slept the rest of the afternoon. I think partly why it was so tiring was because it was so hot outside! I remember telling Jordan “I couldn’t imagine going to Disneyland with a ten month old! Going to a pumpkin patch is exhausting enough!” Regardless, it was still some great quality time spent with each other! So thankful for this little family of mine!

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