Christmas Pictures 2016

We didn’t get many Christmas pictures taken this year, mostly because taking a picture with a 2 year is near impossible, but we did manage to get a few! I am absolutely loving this time of year and am soaking up every bit of it with Carson. He is at such a fun age and watching it all through his eyes makes it all the more magical. We have been trying to add in more of our own Christmas traditions this year, so we have started going through an advent series. I am really excited to start incorporating that every year and teach Carson the true meaning of Christmas.  This time of year is just simply the best, SO SO thankful and blessed! Love this little family of mine!






Carson’s Baby Dedication Day

Yesterday, was Carson’s dedication day at church. It was a great day and we had so many friends and family there with us as we dedicated Carson to the Lord. Ever since Carson was born I knew I wanted him to be apart of a baby dedication service. Baby dedication to us means that we as parents are publicly, before the church, promising to raise our son in the love and admonishment of our Lord and savior, Jesus Christ. In the Christian faith, we believe you are not saved until you profess Jesus as your lord and savior and call on him to be apart of your life. We know that dedicating Carson does not insure his salvation but rather a pledge to raise Carson up in the biblical truth. We hope and pray that Carson will one day accept Jesus into his heart and will be a light for him. Carson’s dedication yesterday was kind of an eye opener like “wow, we are really doing this!” God has entrusted us with this precious gift to help grow, nurture and love. What an amazing and overwhelming thought! Our prayer is that we will help lead Carson to walk with the Lord and that he will love the Lord with all his heart.We are so blessed to have such amazing family, friends, and church members that will come along side us as we raise our son. It was such a special day and one that we will always cherish as parents.







This wasn’t taken yesterday, but my sweet sis-in-law took it a couple weeks ago and I just had to share! He looks so grown up!

“Hear, O Israel, The Lord our God, the Lord is one.  You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your might. And these words that I command you today shall be on your heart. You shall teach them diligently to your children, and shall talk of them when you sit in your house, and when you walk by the way, and when you lie down, and when you rise.” Deuteronomy 6:4-7

Carson ~20 months~

Carson is now 20 months old, which means he will be TWO in 4 months! 4 months!! Thats crazy, time is flying by and before i know it i will have a 2 year old on my hands. Nevertheless, Carson is in such a fun stage right now. He is so expressive and brings so much joy and laughter to our lives. Don’t get me wrong though, we are in full tantrum mode and there are definitely some not so fun days. Its funny how i always thought i was a patient person, but Carson is continuously showing me I am the furthest thing from it. Carson has such a sweet and sensitive heart and I love that about him. He gets his feelings hurt pretty easily and is always so aware of the feelings of others around him. He always seems to know the perfect time to flash that silly smile of his and it instantly lifts my spirits. Life would be pretty quiet around here without him.


Carson has always had a good appetite but does seem to be more picky now that he is getting older. Some days he loves chicken nuggets and then the next day he wont even touch them, *sigh* but hey, that’s life with a toddler. Carson loves to eat fruit and will never turn that down. His absolute favorite are blueberries and grapes. For protein, he really likes to eat cold grilled chicken. Yogurt, cheese, graham crackers, lara bars, mac and cheese, avocados, healthy cookies, and hot dogs are also some of his favorite things to eat on a daily basis.


Thankfully, Carson sleeps great at night and will usually go to bed around 7:30 and sleep in until 6:30am. Naps still aren’t always consistently on time every day but he usually will take about a 1-2 hour nap in the afternoon and will cat-nap here and there in the car. He sleeps with his little stuffed bunny every night 🙂


Carson loves playing with his toys and will grab our hand and pull us to his toys to come and play with him. Still trying to get him to play by himself more and more, but it does seem like the older he gets the more he will sit and play with his toys. He loves playing with trucks, cars, boats and legos. He also really enjoys reading books.


Carson enjoys going to church and does really well in the nursery. I love watching him play and interact with other kids his age. It is so cute! They blow bubbles, sing songs, color, and dance to the hokey pokey every sunday (his fave)

tv shows-

I don’t really have a limit right now on the amount of time Carson watches TV, but he probably watches a couple episodes a day of a certain show and will usually play with his toys with it on in the background. This is usually the time when I can clean the house or do whatever else needs to be done because it holds his attention so well! His absolute favorite show is daniel tiger, but also enjoys watching bob the builder and Cars.

Favorite things-

Visiting family, daniel tiger, cookies, playing outside, airplanes, going on walks, his stuffed “bunny”, dancing, singing songs, reading books, and doing the hokey pokey.


Riding in the car, being told “no”, naps, and whenever I try to clean his face.



Carson had a well check a couple weeks ago and is as healthy as can be (praise God)! He received 4 shots and did great! He got a lollipop afterwards and all was right in the world again! He weighed 26lbs at the office and came in around 43% on the chart for his height. And of course his head measurements were in the 80th percentile range. The Boys got a big head! But, We are so blessed to have such a healthy and growing boy!

Carson can be really shy sometimes but is also so outgoing and loves to wave and say “hi” to everybody when we are out and about. The “climbing stage” and hitting is in full force right now and honestly some days it overwhelms me SO MUCH. I second guess my parenting and question if I am “doing it right”. Just trying to take it one day at a time. It is not easy, but I sure do love this boy and am so thankful for the joy he brings to us.


The MANY faces of Carson…





Carsons’s mama

I think I have a love/ hate relationship with these kind of posts. You know, the kind were I actually let my feelings out. But in a lot of ways, it’s therapeutic for me and feels so good to just jot it all down sometimes.

In all honesty, there are somedays it’s really hard being a mom. It can be tiring taking care of somebody that clings to you all day long, eats your food(carson freaks out whenever he sees me eating and immediately thinks he should be eating too), and somehow manages to put every crumb of everything in his mouth. Most days, it feels like the only word that comes out of my mouth is “no”, “no, don’t touch that”, “no, don’t go in there” and so on. There are days were there are so many other things I want/ need to get done. Things I want to cross off my to-do lists and goals I wants to pursue. But somedays, most days, I feel lucky if I can just get a load of laundry done. In fact, some nights I feel like a heck of a wife if I have a nice, home-cooked meal on the table.

As I was reflecting this morning and remembering all the stuff I needed to do today. I felt a sudden peace, and as though God was just telling me to enjoy being Carson’s mom today. Now of course, most people, atleast I would hope, enjoy being a mom or dad, but I mean really, truly enjoying the day to day grind. Even the not so fun and messy parts. Because most of us know, life with a 1 year old can be pretty messy, literally.

Even though the day to day can sometimes seem daunting, I feel so blessed to be Carson’s mama. And even though, there are many things I want to accomplish, none of them will EVER compare to the joy and satisfaction of being a mom to my son. Being Carsons’s mom makes me so happy and all these little to-do lists and goals can sometimes get in the way of truly enjoying what’s in front of me. Now that doesn’t mean, I shouldn’t pursue things or never get anything done. But I think it’s important to sometimes take a step back and realize that somedays the only thing I might get done is just a load of laundry and that’s okay.

So for today, I’m clearing my schedule and starting with a fresh mindset. Resting in the fact, that I don’t have to do it all in one day and that its okay to take a step back sometimes. I’m realizing that once in a awhile, It’s alright to “take a day off” and just truly embrace the time and place God has called me to be in right now. So my goal for today is to enjoy and embrace motherhood, to love and cherish my little one, to be patient and kind to him, and if I just so happen to get the dishes done in the process then great, but if not, then that’s ok too.


I love being this boy’s mom!

Christmas Day 2015

This Christmas, was definitely one for the books. It was filled with so much laughter, family, and fun memories.  I was telling jordan how different this Christmas was compared to last year. Carson was only a few weeks old last year, so everything was such a blur. This Christmas he was crawling around everywhere and getting into everything. He had a blast and it was so fun seeing Christmas through his eyes!

We woke up really early on Christmas morning, so Jordan made a fire, brewed some coffee, and then we just sat on the couch talking for awhile until Carson woke up. Once Carson was awake, we read the “she reads truth” advent and then exchanged gifts. Jordan and I didn’t buy Carson a single gift this year for Christmas, mostly because I knew his grandparents would spoil him rotten (and they did) and because most of the time he would rather play with a box than a $20 light up toy. We are probably going have to use our spare bedroom as a playroom now because of all the toys we have to store!

After we did our own Christmas at home, we headed over to my mom’s and carson had a great surprise waiting for him there.

 He was gifted a V-tech train set and a ride-along car! It took my dad two hours to put that train set together and it took Carson only 2 minutes to break it apart. So he is probably still a little young for it, but I think in a few months we will pull it back out and give it another try. Carson really enjoyed watching the train move though!

 You know he is excited when he makes the scrunchy face.

Unfortunately, I didn’t take a whole lot of other pics, but we did take carson for a ride in his new car with the Duncan fam and he loved it!

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Baby green smoothies

I’m so glad Carson is at an age now were we can give him a much greater variety of things to eat. Even though Carson will mostly eat anything I give him, his diet still seems to mostly consist of anything cheesy/carby. Which doesn’t surprise me, cause that’s all I craved when I was pregnant with him. Cheese bagels with butter were my jam!

Recently, I’ve been trying to add more greens and veggies into his diet. Some of Carson’s favorite foods are bananas, oatmeal, cheese cubes, cheerios, bread, greek yogurt, kiwi, avocado, and against my better judgment a bite of dad’s donut every now and then! Notice how no veggies were listed? Don’t get me wrong, he does eat veggies just not on a daily basis. Even then, he doesn’t necessarily love them like the foods listed above. So since it’s kind of hard to give a 1 year old salad, I decided to give him a spinach smoothie with banana and frozen strawberries. And much to my surprise, he loved it! Also, it kept him occupied for about 20 min. in his highchair while I did the dishes, so I’m all for that!


  • Handful of Spinach
  • 1/4 of  a banana
  • 3 or 4 frozen strawberries
  • 4 Tablespoons of water

I used the baby bullet, which is perfect, because its tiny and super easy to clean. Its so nice to not have to lug out our huge ninja blender for such a small smoothie.



juice 1juice 2juice 3juice4juice5

You know its got to be good when the hands are up and the eyes are closed..


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Carson’s 1st Visit with Santa

We took Carson to see Santa this weekend and it pretty much turned out how I thought it would. He hated it. He was already crying and shaking in fear and we were still like 5ft away from the big man. But everybody has to have the one crying pic on Santa’s lap right?

We decided to make a night out of meeting Santa and went to grab dinner before hand at Rosati’s pizza. These little dough nuggets were Ah-mazing and Carson ate more of them then Jordan and I combined.




After dinner, we drove to the Anthem outlets, which is also home of the nation’s tallest, REAL, Christmas tree.


We waited in line for Santa for quite awhile and as soon as Carson saw him, he started crying. Here is Jordan with Santa back in ’92. He is the one crying on the right.

jordan and santa

Carson’s picture:

carson and santa

Like father, like son right? There is always next year though!

Saturday, was a pretty low key day and then in the afternoon we went to a Christmas party. Jordan was gone Saturday afternoon, so I was trying to get ready for the party and needed to take a shower, so I strapped Carson in his car seat and gave him a book. I took a peak at him and found him like this. Such a little man. lol



Sunday was a pretty low key day. We grabbed lunch with our family at a Chinese buffet and I’m pretty sure Jordan and I both felt pretty sick the rest of the afternoon. So our Sunday pretty much consisted of football, snuggles, and folding laundry. Nothing to exciting, but hey, that’s life! This past week Jordan and I solidified are plans to going to Disneyland in February though! So we are pretty stoked about that! We haven’t been since our honeymoon!

Hope everyone had a great and rest-filled weekend! It went by way to fast!


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Carson’s Milk and Cookies Party


I had such a fun time planning out Carson’s first birthday party and have actually known for a while that I wanted to do a milk and cookies theme. I just love the idea and I love cookies. So it worked out perfectly. Except now I have way to many leftover cookies in my house, which is not a good thing! I was really worried the week of his party, because Carson was really sick with the croup, so that meant I didn’t get as much done as I wanted to for his party. But thankfully, everything worked out and his party was a success. I am pretty sure I over stress about everything, so I had to keep reminding myself that it’s ok if everything is NOT perfect.

I was so busy throughout his party that I totally forgot to take pictures, but thankfully my mom took a ton! I can always count on her for pictures! Thanks, mom! Also, Thank you so much to everyone that came and made Carson’s big day so special! He is so blessed to have so many people that love and care for him!


For the milk bottles, I made Jordan drink the big box of Starbuck’s frappucino bottles from Costco,washed them, and then scrubbed off the sticker part. They were perfect and the most cheapest option for vintage milk bottles. My mother-in-law also had a few that she purchased at Michaels that we used in addition! Here is a really great tutorial on how to take the sticker label off of a Frappuccino bottle.


Thanks Uncle Chestin for my over-sized puppy!

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Happy 1st Birthday, Carson!!

Happy birthday to my sweet baby boy and bundle of joy! Unfortunately, Carson came down with the croup this week so he is definitely not feeling his best. We took him to the pediatrician yesterday though and they gave him a steroid shot to help with his breathing. Thankfully, that helped and he is on the mend now. It’s been so hard seeing him sick. Seriously, heart breaking! But he has been such a trooper and still sweet as ever! There hasn’t been a whole lot of sleep going on this week, but there has been lots of snuggles!  Which I am not complaining about!


Jordan came home early from the gym this morning and brought some donuts and a balloon for carson. We sang happy birthday to him and let him devour a chocolate, sprinkled donut. It was impossible to get a picture of him smiling this morning. As soon as he saw that donut, his eyes were locked on it and it was strictly business!



We are throwing him a little birthday party on Sunday and I can’t wait to see him dig into his little cake! Since carson has been so sick this past week, I haven’t been able to get as much party planning done as I wanted to, so his birthday will be pretty laid back! But that’s okay, because I’m pretty sure he is only gonna care about the cake part anyways! Carson is so blessed to have so many people that love him! He is gonna be spoiled rotten!


A Year of Motherhood

Man, I don’t even know where to start with this post. My mind always seems to write the perfect post while I’m running or working out, but as soon as I sit down to write it out, I have no words. If only my brain could type for me, when I’m not at the computer.

Anyways, as my little guy’s one year birthday is approaching, I decided to write and share about my first year of motherhood.  Even though it has actually been more like 1 year and 9 months of motherhood, because  as soon as I saw that positive pregnancy test, I started caring and nurturing for that little life inside of me. My first year of motherhood has been a whirlwind to say the least and most definitely one of the hardest things I have ever been and continue to go through.

carson owl

In the beginning, I always felt like I would arrive at a place where I felt comfortable as a mom and a place where I would finally feel like “I had it all together”. But I soon realized, that wasn’t going to happen, ever. Because as soon as I thought I had mastered one stage and started adjusting, Carson was onto the next stage. It’s like I was constantly shifting gears and could never keep up! There was and still are tears of sadness, tears of pain, of frustration, of hopelessness, of exhaustion, and even tears because I couldn’t open a pickle jar (true story). There have also been tears for no reason at all! And that’s ok! But more than anything, there have been tears of complete and utter joy, of happiness, and of love, an unending and immeasurable kind of love.  I remember my first week as a new mom, I told Jordan I was going to shower, but I really just needed to be alone and to cry. I was overwhelmed and felt so lost. Those first couple months were definitely the hardest. Some people told me to “let him cry it out”; others would say “no, co-sleeping is best”. That is just one example but the point is, I was so confused and in many ways felt like a failure.  I eventually learned that it’s okay to not know what to do and in those moments of complete hopelessness, is when I learned to truly surrender my worries and brokenness to the lord. I am now thankful for those moments that brought me to my knees. They have shaped me and grown me.

Processed with VSCOcam with b5 preset

Motherhood is a journey, a beautiful, beautiful journey, which I feel so blessed to be on. Whenever my son is throwing tantrums or is fighting nap time, I remind myself that there are women who would give anything to have that. I try to never take this for granted and always keep this at the forefront of my mind.  As do all mothers, I have experienced exhaustion like no other, frustration that makes me want to pull my hair out, and pain that is unbearable. But motherhood is also a love that I could go on forever about; the love a mama bear feels for her little cub is indescribable. Motherhood came fast for me and was not at all “a part of the 5 year plan”. But I truly believe it happened at the right time, even though there are many times it seems like a detour. Motherhood has taught me to be more patient, even though I am nowhere close to being as patient as I want to be! It has taught me to be more self-less and to love another human being more than myself (marriage has also taught me that!). For that, I am grateful. I am grateful that it has shaped me into who I am today. Motherhood is something I will never out learn, there is always something new to learn and to grow from.  In a lot of ways, I am straight up scared for the next 17 years. How will I teach this little boy of mine to grow up to be a responsible man and most importantly, to love Jesus fiercely? How can I teach him to a respectable, kind, smart and loving young man? If there is anything that I have learned in this past year it is to take it one day at a time, to start each day with a grateful heart and to pray, pray and then pray some more. Because sometimes, that’s all we can do is pray and trust the Lord with the rest.

me and carson kissing


Motherhood is not always a walk in the park, a pretty picture of mommy and baby snuggling, or ten tiny toes wrapped in a soft blanket. Motherhood is a messy time, an exhausting time, and a time of growth and learning. But more than anything, it is a beautiful time, a time to love and pour yourself into another little human’s life. Although I am scared to one day raise a teenager and venture through motherhood over the years, I am excited for the journey to come and the growth that will come from it. And as cliché as it sounds, this past year has been one of the hardest, but most amazing and love-filled years ever. So Cheers to tired eyes, a messy house, and re-heating my coffee up 15 times, before I actually finish it!

carson at camp

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