Truthful Fridays

This segment is what I like to call truthful Fridays. Its where I talk about whatever is on my mind that has happened throughout the week. Some of it is silly, some serious, and some you could probably care less about. But here it goes..


  • Some days, most days, I drink more coffee than water. Except when I was on this water kick like 3 months ago and was drinking 100 plus oz. of water a day. I really need to go back to doing that and I’m pretty sure my liver will thank for me it.
  • I invite people over to my house just so I’m forced to deep clean it. Okay, I am partially kidding, but seriously, it gets the job done.
  • I’ve never been a huge star wars fan and I am still genuinely confused about which ones are in order. I grew up watching little Anakin in Star Wars: Episode I (more like, my brother would watch it and then I would catch little glimpses here and there) and then somebody told me last year that little Anakin becomes darth vader and it made me so sad (I know, your thinking, has this girl been living under a rock?). When I was like seven years old though, I thought little Anakin was the cutest thing ever, so I was so really upset he turned into a bad guy and apparently, he isn’t the greatest guy now in real life either. Okay, enough about star wars..
  • I bought sour gummy worms the other day at sprouts and told Jordan that they were for him ( he loves gummy worms), but really I just bought them for me. #excuses

gummy worms

  • I love teeth
  • Jordan and I were just saying the other day how sad we are that Christmas is already next week. We love this season but hate that it goes so fast. There are still so many Christmassy things left that we want to do.

jordan and carson tree

  • I’m to lazy to plug my phone in before bed, because that means I have to get out of bed. So I usually end up randomly charging my phone here and there throughout the day. Or I ask Jordan to get out of bed and plug it in for me. #Heisakeeper
  • It’s 6am in the morning while I am writing this and I am currently eating popcorn from yesterday.  #popcornforbreakfast
  • I almost always pick the worst times to bake. Its always when Carson is really cranky or right before his bedtime. So my cookies usually end up looking like this, because I am in such a rush to get it done, because Carson is hanging on my leg screaming #reallife #blobcookies


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