Carson’s 1st Visit with Santa

We took Carson to see Santa this weekend and it pretty much turned out how I thought it would. He hated it. He was already crying and shaking in fear and we were still like 5ft away from the big man. But everybody has to have the one crying pic on Santa’s lap right?

We decided to make a night out of meeting Santa and went to grab dinner before hand at Rosati’s pizza. These little dough nuggets were Ah-mazing and Carson ate more of them then Jordan and I combined.




After dinner, we drove to the Anthem outlets, which is also home of the nation’s tallest, REAL, Christmas tree.


We waited in line for Santa for quite awhile and as soon as Carson saw him, he started crying. Here is Jordan with Santa back in ’92. He is the one crying on the right.

jordan and santa

Carson’s picture:

carson and santa

Like father, like son right? There is always next year though!

Saturday, was a pretty low key day and then in the afternoon we went to a Christmas party. Jordan was gone Saturday afternoon, so I was trying to get ready for the party and needed to take a shower, so I strapped Carson in his car seat and gave him a book. I took a peak at him and found him like this. Such a little man. lol



Sunday was a pretty low key day. We grabbed lunch with our family at a Chinese buffet and I’m pretty sure Jordan and I both felt pretty sick the rest of the afternoon. So our Sunday pretty much consisted of football, snuggles, and folding laundry. Nothing to exciting, but hey, that’s life! This past week Jordan and I solidified are plans to going to Disneyland in February though! So we are pretty stoked about that! We haven’t been since our honeymoon!

Hope everyone had a great and rest-filled weekend! It went by way to fast!


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