The Hustle and Bustle

Sometimes, the hustle and bustle of the holiday season is just to much for me. It literally stresses me out to were I have a knot in my stomach full of anxiety! Sad, I know, but it’s the truth!

The other day, Jordan and I were on our way to meet up with some friends to plan our Disney vacation and I turned to him and said “why am I so stressed? This is supposed to be the happiest and most wonderful time of year!” Of course, my sweet husband said “idk sweetie, what’s wrong with you?” Ey yi yi. But anyways, the point is, this time of year makes me so happy, but also fills me with so much stress and nerves. I’m constantly thinking, “who else do I need to buy gifts for?” and worrying  about, “which outfits will look the best for our family Christmas picture?” Or thinking, “what if jordan doesn’t like his gifts?”, “How are we gonna attend all of these Christmas parties?”, “What if I hurt their feelings, because we couldn’t make it to their party?”, “How can I jam pack as many fun-filled Christmas traditions in as possible?”, “What dessert should I make for Christmas?”, “What if I don’t get all the shopping done?” And lastly, “what if somebody steals the packages off the front porch when I’m not home?” And the list goes on and on..
 As I was on my way to target this morning, (you know, to get more Christmas shopping done) I was filled with all these emotions and thoughts. So as I was making my way through the aisles of target, trying to find Jordan a dress shirt for an upcoming party and searching for some stocking stuffers, I immediately felt convicted. All of these silly worries have been controlling me these past few days and have been determining my mood. I really had to examine my heart and realize how ridiculous I was being for worrying about such minimal things. Jordan could care less about what I buy him for Christmas, he just wants to see me happy and enjoying this season with him and our family. Most of all, these things have kept me from really enjoying and remembering the most important thing about this time of year: Jesus’s birthday!

When I was a kid, my mom would always remind me of the true reason for the Season and even now I am trying to teach Carson the same thing. But, for some reason all the hustle and bustle sneaks up on me and takes over. I really want to be intentional this Christmas and center everything around what’s really important.

I am just naturally a worry wart, so I know not all of the stresses of the season will magically go away, but I do want to try my best to make this season a Christ-centered Christmas. Instead of getting annoyed over the extra amount of traffic or the overly, crowded stores, I want my mind to think and remember all the good things this season brings. Christmas is a time that brings families together, it’s delicious food on the table, little children singing, parties, drinking coffee by the Christmas tree, baking cookies, watching movies, seeing pretty lights and manger scenes in front of people’s houses, and being surrounded with people we love. Most of all, it’s a time to remember our dear savior’s birth. These are the things I want to fill my mind, heart, and home with. I want to rest in heavenly peace, instead of embracing the hustle and bustle. (did I really just write that?) lol but in all honesty, I truly want this month to be a time of rest, enjoying time with my family, and celebrating our savior that was born in a stable many years ago.

What traditions do you have that celebrate the birth of Jesus?

How do you deal with all the stress of the season? 

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