Happy 1st Birthday, Carson!!

Happy birthday to my sweet baby boy and bundle of joy! Unfortunately, Carson came down with the croup this week so he is definitely not feeling his best. We took him to the pediatrician yesterday though and they gave him a steroid shot to help with his breathing. Thankfully, that helped and he is on the mend now. It’s been so hard seeing him sick. Seriously, heart breaking! But he has been such a trooper and still sweet as ever! There hasn’t been a whole lot of sleep going on this week, but there has been lots of snuggles!  Which I am not complaining about!


Jordan came home early from the gym this morning and brought some donuts and a balloon for carson. We sang happy birthday to him and let him devour a chocolate, sprinkled donut. It was impossible to get a picture of him smiling this morning. As soon as he saw that donut, his eyes were locked on it and it was strictly business!



We are throwing him a little birthday party on Sunday and I can’t wait to see him dig into his little cake! Since carson has been so sick this past week, I haven’t been able to get as much party planning done as I wanted to, so his birthday will be pretty laid back! But that’s okay, because I’m pretty sure he is only gonna care about the cake part anyways! Carson is so blessed to have so many people that love him! He is gonna be spoiled rotten!



  1. bisto84 says:

    Ha I love that he’s eating the candle! Bentley had croup a couple of weeks ago and it was the saddest thing to go through as a mother, not being able to make him feel better. So sad!! Hopefully Carson feels 100% quickly.

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