Pumpkin Patch Fun

Jordan and I decided to take Carson to the Pioneer Village Pumpkin Patch this past weekend. Besides the fact that it was almost 100 degrees out, we had a lot of fun and Carson really enjoyed looking around. I can’t wait till he gets a little older and can enjoy all the things that they had to offer a little more. They had jump houses, face painting, hay rides, a hay maze, pumpkin painting, and a gun/magic show! I think Carson’s favorite thing was watching the goats at the petting zoo and picking out a pumpkin. He thought the goats were hilarious, and every time they would make a noise he would start laughing! So cute! Overall, it was a great time and we were exhausted afterwards!



They had an adult sack race there, so I practically begged Jordan to do it . Of course, he won and scored us a free entree to rubios and a gift card to the coffee bean! I knew he was good for something! ;)

   Afterwards, we were so exhausted, so we picked up some lunch and then I’m pretty sure we slept the rest of the afternoon. I think partly why it was so tiring was because it was so hot outside! I remember telling Jordan “I couldn’t imagine going to Disneyland with a ten month old! Going to a pumpkin patch is exhausting enough!” Regardless, it was still some great quality time spent with each other! So thankful for this little family of mine!

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