Weekend Recap

Jordan and I had a great weekend of relaxation, hiking, and getting stuff done. Carson turned 10 months on Sunday and now it is crunch time to start planning for his 1 year birthday. Cant believe he is already almost one!

As I have mentioned before, we are re-doing our backyard and this past weekend we extended our porch by adding some pavers. And when I say some pavers, I mean a ton of pavers. My parents were gifted some really nice pavers by one of their clients, so they said we could have their old ones. So Friday we spent the majority of the afternoon and night ripping out their old pavers and hauling them over to our house.

 We decided to hire someone to actually lay the pavers and we are so glad we did. It turned out so good and we could not be happier. We know that if we tried tackling that big of a job on our own it would of taken a lot longer. Jordan and his dad actually did a lot of the prep work by grading it and even built a firepit. We are so blessed to have so many people willing to spend their nights and weekend helping us.

 So while we watched the men fix our backyard Saturday morning, we sat around and ate some deliscous donuts from our favorite donut shop.

So since the majority of the pavers were laid on Saturday, we roasted some marshmallows and enjoyed dinner outside on our new porch.

On sunday, we went to church and then Jordan watched the game, while I hit the mountain for some trail running. I definitely prefer trail running on the mountain as opposed to running on the sidewalk.


When I got home, we decided to go to home depot and target to look for some patio furniture. Target had zero patio furniture out due to the vast amount of Halloween decorations taking over.

I swear he does have hair!

This past weekend I spent a lot of time studying for my HESI test and will continue to study as much as I can this week. Studying with a ten month old is not easy!

My sweet boy, Carson, you have quite the personality these days. Even though most days my hands are full with you, you should see my heart. You bring so much joy and laughter to our lives. My heart is truly full. Happy ten months Carson, We love you so much!

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