Friday randoms

This week has been crazy busy and to top it all off our computer is on its last leg and not really working anymore. I guess I can’t really complain though, we have had the computer since Jordan was in high school! So blog posts this week have been sparse. This weekend we will be busy finishing up our backyard patio. Jordan recently just finished the fire pit in the backyard and we are getting the rest of the patio put in this weekend. I am so excited to see the finished result! Just forewarning you, This post is a whole bunch of random nonsense. So if you make it to the end you are a saint.

I saw this on Facebook and it really got me thinking. Carson has been waking up every night this week at like 4 in the morning.  So I am definitely lacking some zzzzss this week. Of course, Jordan doesn’t believe it, but it makes perfect sense to me!

I have been seeing these chobani flip Greek yogurts everywhere and everyone always raves about how good they are. For some reason I actually wasn’t to crazy about it. It tasted way to sweet. I am used to my plain Greek yogurt now, so that is probably why. Maybe I just need to try a different flavor?
Carson was being so sweet and snuggled up with me the other morning. He fell asleep on my bed and I just had to get some black and white pics of him. I love watching him sleep. Babies always look so sweet and innocent when they are sleeping!

Carson then heard daddy coming in through the door from work and immediately woke up, popped his head up, and gave us the biggest grin. He loves when daddy comes home from work!

I only work two days a week right now, but some days I can totally relate to this! Being home all day and chasing after a 9 month old is exhausting. I love staying home with my boy, but there are definitely days where I just need a quick trip to target by myself or to go for a run to just breathe and think.

Our backyard is pretty much a pile of dirt right now. We are gonna be working on our backyard all weekend, which I am not to excited for but I am definitely ready to have it done. Jordan has been working so hard on it and we have even had family come and help which we are so grateful for. We are so excited to be able to use our new porch soon, but I think I am mostly just excited to use our firepit to make s’mores !

I brought Carson some balloons home from work yesterday and he loved it! So funny watching kids get excited about the tiniest stuff!

Our plans for Friday night are probably gonna be family dinner with the parents and jordan and I watching the maze runner. The second installment is out in theaters so we wanna watch the first one again to refresh our memory. The first movie is really good though! Jordan and I love action packed, apocalypse movies!

As for baking, I am pretty sure I will be making these banana chocolate chip cookies again. I made them last weekend and added a little bit of peanut butter to the recipe and they were perfect! Jordan keeps talking about them and walking around the house asking when I’m gonna make more cookies. Lol

Happy Friday!

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