First weekend of fall

You would think for the first weekend of fall I would have some exciting pictures of us at a pumpkin patch or us taking a walk with the different colored leaves in the background. But nope, this weekend was pretty low key and we didn’t do to much. We spent a lot of time with friends and family which always makes for a good weekend. Friday night we went to my moms for dinner, we usually do every Friday for family dinner. We had taco crescents (it’s like taco meat baked in a crescent roll), it is so yummy. I also had a glass of wine, which is strange because I usually don’t like wine but this kind was very good!

I set my alarm really early on Saturday morning so I could get a run in before Carson woke up. I was able to run 5 miles and got done around 6:30am. I have been really happy with my running lately, I have been running close to 9 minute miles. When I first started running after having Carson, I was running over 10 minute miles, so I am slowly but surely getting faster so that was encouraging. After my run, we made our usual run to Starbucks. Venti vanilla iced coffee and room for cream please.

Saturday morning we went to Jordan’s grandparents house for brunch for my sweet sister in law and my nephews baby shower. We had Cinnabon, fruit salad, and an egg casserole. As much as I wanted one I stayed away from the cinnamon roll! Jordan ate one for me though, he had three! I’m pretty sure Jordan had dreams of Cinnabon all weekend. He is obsessed.

Saturday afternoon, I was in a baking mood, so I made these banana chocolate chip cookies and they were so delicious. They are actually almost all gone and Jordan and I didn’t share them with anybody!

Saturday night we walked around norterra for a little while and went into a Halloween store to look at costumes. Of course, Jordan had to try on the Obama costume. My work is dressing up for Halloween and we are all dressing up as the characters from Alice in wonderland so of course I was chosen to be Alice. But I will definitely not be paying 50$ dollars for my Alice costume! It is so crazy how expensive Halloween costumes are. It was fun to look around though and see all the different costumes and such.

For dinner, we decided on In n Out, which is never a bad idea. We met my brother and his wife for dinner and chatted about hygiene school. My brother starts dental hygiene school today, I am so excited for him! Anyways, Carson was making all sorts of faces and it wasn’t long before he started practicing his velociraptor screams and we had to leave.

Sunday morning we attempted church, but Carson was practicing his screams again and his new thing lately has been biting mommy. I would be lying if I said it was an easy weekend. This weekend was tough and Carson has really been testing by patience lately. He is at a weird age right now where he doesn’t really understand when we discipline him for biting, screaming, etc. I am trying to teach him “no, we don’t bite” but he just does it again. Ugh! So anyways church hadn’t even started for 10 minutes and he was already screaming and biting, so I decided to just take him home and do church by myself.

my battle wounds aka Carsons teeth marks

After jordan got home from church I went on a 4 mile run and it was so hot and nasty out. So I was definitely a lot slower than normal. So ready for it to start cooling down here! Sunday afternoon, we spent with family at Jordan’s grandparents and visited with his uncle who was in town. It was nice having the whole family together!

This morning, I woke up really early just so I could get some alone time in and spend some time with the lord before Carson woke up. I am Physically, mentally, and spiritually preparing for the week ahead. Parenting is hard. I am thankful for God’s grace this morning and I know “this too shall pass.”  A lot of Jesus and a lot of coffee will be my fuel this week. It’s not even 7am and I am working on my second cup! Happy Monday!

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