Thoughts on Thursday: Frozen baby food bites

I can’t believe there is only one more week of September! This month has flown by! It’s crazy how fast time goes by when you have a child! Even though I am not glad time is going by so quickly, I am glad it’s almost October and the weather will start cooling down more. Today, it is still a high of 106!

Okay enough about the weather, I am practically an old lady and could talk about the weather forever. Anyways, Carson is in full on teething mode right now. He is always sticking things in his mouth and wanting to naw on something to help the pain go away. Bless his heart! I have tried everything and nothing seems to be really working except when he eats? I’m not really sure why but for whatever reason he is always quiet when we are giving him food! Lol Carson also really enjoys eating puffs for a snack which I do like to give to him but if he eats to many it makes him (tmi, I know) constipated. Ever since we added puffs in his diet I have noticed how much trouble he is having in that department. So after a couple months of this going on I tried thinking of other things I could give him and that’s when I decided to take just regular baby food and freeze it into little bites. He loves these things and they just melt right in his mouth. These frozen baby food bites have been a life saver and it is also nice because this way he is still learning to feed himself but he is also not filling himself up with just puffs.

I know, they look really gross, like a bunch of tiny animal droppings! lol

To make the baby food bites I simply just put baby food (I used prunes) into a plastic baggy and cut a very small hole at the bottom tip of the bag. I made small circles onto a tray and placed it in the freezer for a couple hours. Once they are completely frozen, I combine them all together in one bag to keep in the freezer and take out as needed. Carson gobbled these things up and since they were frozen they helped relieve some teething pain as well! He loves eating finger foods so this way he is still eating good nutritious foods but he is also learning to feed himself something else other than puffs and Cheerios!


carson eating

carson eating 1

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