Devils Bridge, Sedona

Jordan and I went on a Sedona getaway this past weekend. And one of the hikes we did was devil’s bridge. I wanted to do a separate post on Devils bridge because it was that amazing! This post is pretty short but I will let the pictures do most of the talking!

So Sunday morning Jordan and I woke up around 5am and we quickly threw on our hiking clothes, shoes, and grabbed our water bottles and ran out the door. I am pretty sure I didn’t even brush my teeth. yikes! Devils Bridge was only about a 20 minute drive from our hotel. It was still dark out while we were driving there though so it was a little difficult navigating where to go. I was a little worried about time because we had to be out of our hotel by 10am and the reviews that I was reading online were all saying it is a really hard hike and can take a few hours!

As soon as we got to the trailhead we parked in the parking lot and just started running. We figured we wouldn’t waste anytime. It was about a 2mile run on a dirt road first(you can drive this part if you have a 4×4, but we obviously didn’t have one). We were the only people on the trail and we saw only 1 other car in the parking lot so it was kinda nice having the trail all to our self to run free and act like crazies. After the 2 mile run on the dirt path we had arrived at the trailhead where there were lots of signs explaining where to go.


At first, the trail was still relatively flat and just had a few “stairs” here and there. From the start of the trailhead to the actual devils bridge was only about a mile and a half. But from what we were hearing online we thought it was going to be really tough and strenuous. So we kept running to hopefully save us some time. The hike was so beautiful and I almost want to go back and take my time hiking it and really take it all in.

The hike actually ended up being pretty easy for Jordan and I. But we are avid hikers and hike all the time here in Phoenix. There were a couple parts though that were really steep and rocky. At first you aren’t really sure if you are actually “there” yet but then all the sudden BAM its there. And the view is astounding. We arrived at the Bridge around 6:45 so the 3.5 mile hike only took us about 45 minutes! So we were relieved that we had plenty of time! When we started walking up we noticed one other couple there. The other couple was  busy taking pictures with their professional camera and admiring the view. They were really sweet and offered to take our picture. Which was so nice because we were afraid we wouldn’t be able to get a picture together on the bridge. The sun was rising so every few minutes there would be different shadows on the red rocks.  And the clouds in the sky were like toy story clouds! I could just sit there all day and stare at the amazing view. I am so glad Jordan and I decided to do this. We almost didn’t go because we thought we would be short on time, but we had plenty of time and then some!


My phone ended up dieing as soon as we got to the top so we only had Jordan’s phone to take pictures. And his phone doesn’t take the best pics. So the picture quality isn’t that great! We ended up leaving the parking lot around 7:45! Even though we knew we would have plenty of time I still made Jordan run the rest of the way back with me! Jordan and I both agreed this was our absolute favorite part of the trip!

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