Sedona weekend Getaway

Sedona, you did not disappoint.

Jordan and I just got back from our little weekend getaway in Sedona and it was just the thing we needed. I am so glad that we decided a few months ago to leave Carson with grandma and to getaway for a few days. It really was the perfect thing for our marriage and I cant recommend it enough! Seriously, if you are married, take a weekend getaway with your spouse. You wont regret it!

Jordan and I spent most of the weekend mountain biking and hiking. Even though we didn’t spend a ton of time relaxing, it was still really nice to be able to go and do things you cant really do with a baby.  Literally, both days we woke up at 5am fully awake and ready to take on the day.

We drove up to Sedona on Friday around 4, checked in to our hotel, and then drove to uptown Sedona to walk around and grab dinner. Jordan and I stayed at Bell Rock inn and it was really nice. The rooms were really clean and even had a full kitchenette. Once we were in uptown Sedona, we decided to eat at a place called the Cowboy club. Jordan and I both got their bacon burgers and they were so so good. We got to dine outside on the patio which was really nice.

 Saturday morning we woke up bright and early and headed to a nearby bike trail and mountain biked for about 2 miles. After a short bike ride, we biked over to the “bike and bean”, the bike and bean is a local coffee shop/bike shop. It has a really cool atmosphere and they gave us a lot of great tips and info on nearby trails. The coffee was pretty good too.


1st bike ride bell

After coffee, we headed to our hotel room for a quick breakfast. We sat outside in the parking lot and ate breakfast and talked about how fun it would be to open a coffee/bike shop. Two things we both love mixed into one!

After breakfast we headed to the trails and decided to start on the “Slim shady trail”, which is considered a fairly hard trail in Sedona. We weren’t even half a mile into our bike ride when 2 people stopped us along the way to warn Jordan that the trail would be to hard for me and pointed us to where the beginner trails were. Jordan asked what I wanted to do and for some reason those people pushed my buttons a little bit and lit a fire inside of me. I said “no, we are already here and I am doing this trail!” It was a really tough trail and I am still so sore, but I finished it! I actually had a lot of fun and everyone back at the bike shop kept looking at my bike (its a really cheap mountain bike) and saying “you did the Slim shady trail on that bike?!” Overall, the trail was about 8 miles. It definitely kicked my butt! The views were amazing though, so it was well worth it!


You would think that after 10 miles of mountain bike riding that we would be done for the day, but for some reason we decided to do another 10 mile bike ride down to a nearby creek. We packed ourselves a lunch and headed for the creek. The bike ride there was pretty grueling and Jordan and I got some pretty bad sunburns. We ate our lunch by the creek, which ended up being a total disappointment, and then headed back for our hotel. The creek was really boring and not really much of a creek, mostly just a swamp. But the bike ride there and back was so beautiful! There is never a bad view in Sedona though!

not the healthiest lunch but sure did make me feel like i was five years old again!

When we arrived back to the hotel we relaxed for a few minutes and sat outside on the porch. At this point, we had biked over 20 miles and were so exhausted. We decided to suck it up though and drove into town to do some shopping. We stopped at this one quirky shop that we always go to and walked around for awhile.

After that, our tummy’s were grumbling and we were in the mood for some chocolate! We went into this yummy fudge shop and ate some delicious fudge and chocolate covered pretzels. I forgot to take pictures of the fudge, we devoured it so quickly. It was that good! Even after we got some sugar in our bellies, Jordan and I were still pretty much walking zombies and were ready to go back to our hotel and relax.

We picked up some pizza for takeout and hibernated in our hotel room for  the rest of the night, while eating pizza in bed and watching cheesy hallmark movies. It was pretty much perfect.

Sunday morning we woke up around 5am and decided to go to devils bridge. I plan on doing a separate post about devils bridge, because it was that amazing. Something that amazing deserves a post all to itself.

After Devils bridge, We went back to the hotel to get cleaned up and pack our stuff up. We checked out of the hotel and then rode our bikes over to a another coffee shop for some coffee and pastries. Their gluten free chocolate muffins were amazing! I didn’t get a picture of it either, because we ate it to fast.

Jordan and I then checked out some other bike shops around town and chatted with them about some different trails and bikes. We wanted to do some more riding, but I was just to sore. We decided to go do some more shopping and walked around downtown.

We were just about done with our trip but wanted to do a little bit of hiking at Oak creek canyon. We ended up just parking on the side of the road and hiked down to the creek. We sat on some rocks for awhile and just listened to the water and talked about our favorite parts of the trip. And just as we were about to leave I was getting up off a log that we were sitting on and all of the sudden the log drops and my phone went plunging into the water. It never fails. Every vacation that Jordan and I go on our phones always seems to come in contact with water. For instance, Jordan dropped his phone into over 10 ft of water while we were canoeing in California last year. He ended up paying a professional diver (true story) to go down and retrieve his phone (he had a waterproof case), but unfortunately it had been under water for to long and Jordan ended up having to buy a new phone and pay the diver! Its a good story now though and something we all look back and laugh at.

diver jim

Good ol’ diver Jim.

Anyways, on to my phone, Jordan quickly picked it up out of the water before the current could take it down the stream. At first, we though it was toast, but we turned it off for awhile and let it sit in the sun and today it seems to be working just fine! Which is definitely a relief, considering I don’t have any insurance on the phone yet.

After the whole incident with the phone, we were tired and ready to head home. We stopped at one of our favorite restaurants on the way home called Rock Springs café. Their food is really good and their pies are even better! We ended our trip with some banana cream pie and talked about how great it was to be able to get away.

Jordan and I had such a great time and we are so blessed to have such an amazing family that took care of our dogs and Carson while we were away. Part of me felt bad that I wasn’t really worried about Carson that much, but then I realized its because he was with people we love and with people I knew would take such great care of him. After being gone for two days, I was so ready to see my boy and when I saw his smiling face it was like icing on top of the cake. Jordan and I kept saying on our trip “was this really what it was like with no kids?” “we could just go anywhere and do whatever we want!?” lol.  As much as we missed Carson, we plan on taking more trips like this one in the future. I really do believe our marriage is better off because of it. I love this man of mine and I am so blessed I get to call him my husband!


  1. bisto84 says:

    I love Sedona! It is so beautiful, I would love to bring my family back up there sometime in the next few months. It looks like you had a wonderful time.

    Good luck on your 1/2 marathon. Which one are you running?

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