Carson’s 9 month well check

Carson had his 9 month well check today and thankfully is super healthy and right on track! I was really surprised by his measurements.  He weighed in at 18.4lbs. I thought for sure he would be above average for weight but was actually only  in the 22 percentile! I think now that he is mobile, he has lost some weight. Carson measured 28 inches for his height, which put him in the 44th percentile for height. and of course, my sweet boys head was in the 66th perecentile.  I thought his head would actually be more like in the 90th percentile but to my surprise wasn’t! Carson got 3 shots today, he received his Hep B, Polio, and flu shot! He was such a trooper and stopped crying as soon as I scooped him up.  We love Carson’s pediatrician, Dr. Fischer. She is super sweet and is always so reassuring. I imagine Carson will be extra clingy today and just want to snuggle, which I am totally ok with! I miss those days when he would just lay on my chest all day! Now he is up and moving all around, all the time! Anyways, I sure do love this boy and I cant believe the next time we go to the pediatrician he will be one!

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