Weekend Randoms

This past weekend was just so great and relaxing! The weather was beautiful and time was spent with the people we love. On Friday, we spent the day cleaning around the house, running errands, and then had family dinner at my parents. We put carson in the grass for the first time and his reaction was priceless. At first, he was afraid of it and didn’t like the texture.

carson grass 2

carson grass

Saturday morning we made our usual pit stop (Starbucks) and headed to Home Depot. We spent a good chunk of the morning there picking out plants and chatting with the Home Depot lady. Jordan and I love walking around the nursery and seeing all the different plants and outdoor accessories. We could spend all day there.

Where this boy got his eyelashes from?? I’ll never know…


After home depot, we came home and got straight to work putting in the new plants. We originally had a massive bush right by our front door that was taking over the walkway and was just plain ugly. So we ripped that out and put a pot in its place with some flowers. Before:



After working in the yard, I decided to make another Roman numeral clock. This one turned out much better than my first.

Saturday afternoon we had our family pictures done and then went to dinner with my brother and sister-in-law. My mom took Carson off our hands so it was nice being able to have some adult time! Sunday morning we went for a walk, went to church and then spent the afternoon napping and catching up on fixer upper. Sunday night we celebrated my sweet sister in laws 25th birthday and went to bed early!

It was so nice waking up Monday morning and not having to jump into a normal Monday routine. I woke up early to go for a run and then spent some time on our porch with Jordan, mapping out our future plans for the backyard.

Monday afternoon we had a bbq get together with my family and Jordan’s family. I love that our family is so close and that we spend most of the holidays together. We had quite the spread and I definitely indulged in way to many treats! This past weekend was busy and relaxing all at the same time, but our hearts are full and so are our bellies!

Super thankful for Gods abundant blessings and for 3 day weekends! Happy Labor Day!

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