From Trash to Treasure

Every few months our neighborhood has a bulk trash pickup where people throw out “bulky items” to have hauled away. Jordan and I use this opportunity to pick up pieces to fix up and breathe new life into. We actually have quite a few items in our house that we use on a daily basis from our bulk trash finds. We recently found an old wooden gate that had been cut up in pieces.  I made jordan throw it in our car so we could put it to good use. We had some blank walls in our living room that I have been wanting to fill up, so we put a little TLC into the gate and threw it on the wall. The best part is? We didn’t spend a dime on it! Everything we needed we had on hand. When we found the gate it was an ugly looking green color, so first thing we did was freshen it up with some white spray paint.

After spray painting it we attached some hardware on the back and then placed it on the wall!

Once the gate was on the wall, we decided it would be cool to turn it into a little shelf and to also give it a little 3d pop. The gate originally had an L shaped bar on it, which was perfect for the shelf. So we re-attached and spray painted the original gate hardware and placed a piece of wood on top that we had in the garage. We stained the wood with a grayish stain, let it dry, and then added some books and a plant. We  are happy with the end result and we love it even more since it was free! This project was so easy and hardly took any time. Those are the best kinds!

   wooden shelf

wooden shelf 2

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