How to make a wooden roman numeral clock

Jordan and I are obsessed with the show fixer upper on hgtv. Every house she designs is our dream home! We love their sense of creativity and the unique pieces she uses to stage the homes. We have noticed that in a lot of the episodes, she has an old, distressed wooden clock that is the focal point of the room. We love this style and think it really pulls the room together. Recently, my mom just so happened to make her own clock out of a old round table top. Here is the clock my mom made:

After seeing my moms clock on her wall it gave us some inspiration to make our own. We have a blank wall in our dining room that has just been staring at us, so we figured this would be the perfect place to put it. This clock was actually pretty easy to make and only took about 2 hours. My mom had some leftover wood in their garage so we decided to cut that out in a circle and use that as our base.

We used a jigsaw to cut the wood into round circles. We made the clock 2 ft round. After cutting the wood, we sanded it down to smooth out the rough edges. We also used a hammer to “ding up” the wood a little bit to give it that “old beat up” look. For painting the clock I decided to paint it with brown spray paint first and then went over it using a foam brush with white paint. I just used basic white paint that we had in our garage.

After painting the wood, we drew roman numerals on paper, cut them out, and used them to stencil onto the clock. Once all the numbers were outlined with a pencil, it was time to paint! Painting the numerals on was probably the most time-consuming and meticulous part. Jordan and I are not painters, so the black paint is clearly out of the lines. But it was a fun project we could work on together.

Instead of buying a battery and hands to make it a working clock, Jordan decided to paint hands on the clock that pointed to the time 3:30 (our wedding date). Love my crafty husband! Since we had most of what we needed on hand the only thing we had to purchase was black paint and brushes. So total cost invested was around 5 dollars. We love our new little clock and I also love how it commemorates our wedding date.


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